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Shira u'tfila

Founded by vocalist and oud player Stefan Sablic, Shira u’tfila brings together a multi-ethnic, multi-faith ensemble that draws its inspiration from the diversity and richness of Judeo-Spanish, Ottoman-Turkish, Arabic and Balkan musical traditions.

Shira u’tfila has released seven CDs, toured a dozen countries and collaborated on various research and production projects involving Sephardic music from the Balkans, Mediterranean and Middle East. The band passionately blends its knowledge of classical traditions and dedication to their preservation with a flair for improvisation and a talent for fusion. Its distinct sound brings a modern twist to an historical legacy.


Selected festival participations and awards:

Best world music ensemble, awarded by RASA (Utrecht)

Audience award for best ensemble, Amsterdam International Jewish Music Festival

Balkan Trafik Festival (Brussels)

Printemps Sefarade (Geneve)

Koncertgebouw  (Amsterdam)

Exit festival (Novi Sad)

Beyahad Festival (Opatija)

Festival Adriatica Mediterranea (Belgrade, Ancona)

BITEF festival (Belgrade)

Euro-Judaica Festival (Sibiu)

Simha Festival (Wroclaw)

















Biviendo en kantando

Life as a Song

Published by Music&Words







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